It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

So I’m having a nostalgia moment at 1:09 in the morning.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have a love hate relationship with my man—New Orleans.  Right now, I miss him…or at least a small part of him…the po-boy.  Not just any po-boy, but more specifically, a Danny & Clyde’s po-boy.  If you’re from New Orleans then maybe you can understand my frustrations.  Their po-boys were the best in the city from a corner store point of view.  I knew that when all else failed, my siblings and I could walk from our house to the Danny & Clyde’s corner store and get a po-boy sandwich.  Fresh French bread overflowing with shrimp with some lettuce on top and hot sauce—tomatoes if you like that; I didn’t.  It was absolutely yummy.  On the days when I wanted something cold, I’d get a turkey sandwich on French bread with extra mayo, mustard, jalapenos, pickles, lettuce, Swiss cheese and Zapp’s chips.  Absolutely delectable. Oh, how I miss pre-Katrina New Orleans. Tear.

Sadly, there are not any more Danny & Clyde’s in New Orleans. They have now become replaced with Brothers.  Who the heck are Brothers because I don’t know them and they are not my brothers?  I have a sister who is a police officer and she swears by their chicken.  I, on the other hand, refuse to even try it. I’m disgusted by their bold red signs that announce that they have invaded my corners.  The audacity and unmitigated gull of them to move in and sell something that I can get from Popeye’s.  Ugh. 

If you go to the home page of Danny & Clyde’s the site reads: New Orleans’ Best Po-Boys.  The sad thing about it today is that when you click to see where they have locations ( you will notice that not one of the 6 locations (yes, there are only 6 of them now) are even located in what is considered New Orleans.  I have to drive way out to 8 mile to get one in Metairie, but the faces are still friendly and everything is still made my way when I get there.  I always feel slight embers of a warm fuzzy feeling that try to start burning again whenever I am in there, but a fire never really occurs.

If truth be told, it is truly disheartening for me.  I love food, but more than that, I love po-boys from this franchise.  They hold a special place in my heart because it was one of the original bricks laid in the foundation of a New Orleans after my birth.  It holds a lot of memories for me filled with good times and sno-balls. So if you’re reading this…

Dear Mr. Danny & Clyde’s,

I am writing you to say that you are missed in the neighborhoods where I grew up.  I miss walking around the corner to get a po-boy during those hot summer days and having conversations with employees there that knew me by government name.  I would like you to know that I, for one, have never eaten anything from those bulldozing opportunists called Brothers.  Anytime anyone asks me if I want anything from there, I hit them with my quizzical look.  FYI-It means I know you can’t be serious, right, like for real for real? So, if by any chance you are reading this letter, I hope that you will consider putting franchises back in New Orleans again. You can’t be New Orleans Best Po-Boys without having a location in the heart of the city. Thank you for reading my letter and for giving me lots of memories, a full tummy and happy taste buds.


Ms. KeepingItReal