Not as A”Schrute” as Dwight

I was at “work” today when someone rudely interrupted my already in progress conversation to ask me a question that didn’t need to be asked in the first place.


Nope, not even a little.

I have grown to realize that no one in there will ever know as much as I in as short a time. For this reason, I am always the person that wears many different chapeaus. Unfortunately, powers higher than me deemed it so that I was born in the 80s such that when I would become an adult I would be surrounded by a bunch of individuals that lack work ethics and the wherewithal to utilize the resources and knowledge readily available to them. Surprisingly, these are the people who actual make it to be CEOs.


Maybe I should take up slacking as a profession…>mind wanders<…anyway, this person asked me a question and after I gave the individual the answer, that person had the audacity to question what I said. “Are you sure? This says something different.”

I’m sorry. If you already know the answer, what the hell did you ask me for?!

Newsflash: IF YOU ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER, TALK TO SOMEONE ELSE. I’m not in love with the sound of your voice like that.

Please and thanks!


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