Shell Shock…. o_O

So I was wondering if my little brother made it to Italy today which he did because I got a message from him. Praise the Lord, thank you Jesus for that.

However…with that came a reality check of sorts…


My brother is a man now and as much as I want to protect him from everything, I can’t. I’m the big sister and I have always been the one to come in and protect my siblings from harm or clean up any messes. While I am in no way speaking anything negative into existence in his life, I am somber about where he will be going…

Dear Lord,

Only you know what path his future holds. I just ask that you help me to accept it so that I can continue to be supportive of him. I ask that you place hedges of protection around him and keep him safe from all danger seen and unseen and all evil seen and unseen. I ask that you have mercy on his soul and forgive him for any sins and transgressions that he may pass–both those that he is aware of as well as those that he is unaware of. I ask that your will be done. I know that you not a man that you should lie and you didn’t bring him this far to abandon him now. I ask you that continue to keep him safe in the palm of your hand.

In Jesus’ name.



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