The BluePrint 101

1. Someone who listens and is not judgmental

2. Gives great advice

3. Takes  the time out to ask how my day is

4. Pushes me to be a better woman

5. Supportive of my dreams and goals

6. Washes the dishes when I cook

7. Gives amazing back massages

8. Goes to church with me

9. Reads the Bible

10.  Makes me laugh

11. Understands that it is important to show me that you love me

12. Says the words “I love you”

13. Is spontaneous

14. Likes to try new things—becoming cultured

15. Can make breakfast at like 3 in the morning—my own personal iHop

16. Someone who says how he feels and feels comfortable expressing himself to me

17. Rubs my feet after a long day

18. Humble

19. Respects women, especially his mother

20. Takes care of home and makes sure that I never want for anything

21. Someone who doesn’t take me for granted

22. Makes sure that I always feel comfortable

23. Introduces me when I meet someone that I never met before

24. Always has my back even when I am wrong—when I’m wrong tell me behind closed doors

25. Helps me to grow and challenges me

26. Pushes me to be more positive

27. When I set a goal, he holds me accountable whether I like it or not

28. Accepts when I disagree with him

29. Doesn’t make me feel inadequate or give me a reason to feel insecure

30. Answers my questions honestly and straight up

31. Understands that I am on the road to success and I need someone who will help me to keep standing upright when times get hard during school

32. Loves my curly natural hair as much as I do

33. Appreciates poetry and art

34. Understands what it means to be a man…you do not have to have the best job, but you have to be able to take care of home

35. Makes me feel safe. I can know without a shadow of a doubt that he would do whatever he had to in order to protect me.

36. Understands that separately we are nothing, but together we are everything…unstoppable…and immovable force…team of we

37. Allows me the time to cry when I need to. I’m not a man. I handle and process things differently.

38. Understands that I am his better half and that he can depend on me when he needs to. By the same token, he knows that I am not trying to emasculate him, but only help when I do something for him that he did not ask me to do. If that’s something that he doesn’t want me to do then he needs to say so and not expect me to be a mind reader.

39. Loves that I love high heels

40. Appreciates that I’m not one of those women who always wears make-up, but accepts that there is nothing wrong with wearing it sometimes.

41. Gentle

42. Kind

43. Lovable

To be continued…


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