The Avengers!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I saw Marvel’s The Avengers movie with my cousins Étienne and Travis. We saw it in IMAX 3D and I must say…the movie was off the chain!!!!!!!! LIKED IT!!

I had been anticipating the opening of this movie for months and finally, I was able to see it. Woot woot. It was great to have all of my favorite superheroes in one film. Go Marvel Comics and Walt Disney Pictures!! Even though Edward Norton (I prefer him as the Hulk) was not in the movie, I almost didn’t miss him. The Hulk is one of those characters that always gets everyone hype when he transforms into the big green guy. My favorite part of the movie with him is when he gives Loki the business!!! Hulk angry!  He is one of my all time favorite characters.

Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark character always tickles my fancy. The guy is a complete jerk and some would stop nothing short of referring to him as an A-hole, but I take pleasure in watching this pompous genius play the role and do it extremely well. Shout out to Marvel for keeping Ms. Potts out of the movie when the world needed saving!!!! Real talk. I hate when I watch a movie and the guy that is supposed to save the world is having a moment with his love interest when the world is actually about to end in like 5 seconds—example…Armageddon. That is absolutely annoying! Thanks so much for not doing that…really….thank you.

Thor—I must say that I have never seen the movie that came out. I wanted to see it at first when it came out, but then I didn’t hear many rave reviews about it so it became less of a priority on the list of movies that I wanted to see. Now, I wish I had taken the time to watch it. Thor has made the list with Stark and Banner so yuuup, I will be watching Thor very soon. I enjoyed when he told the other Avengers that Loki is his brother when they were talking about him, but as soon as someone made mention of the 80 people that he killed, Thor said that Loki is adopted. Lmbo.

Captain America makes the list because he’s Captain America and the perfect gentleman…stark contrast to Mr. Stark himself. Gotta love it!!!

I think Rotten Tomatoes did a great job with the 96% rating that the movie received. The movie is action packed from start to finish and the innuendos are some of the most hilarious parts of the movie. It’s over 2 hours long, but it is well worth it. If you are going to see the movie be sure to stay until the very end…that means after ALL credits have rolled. This is definitely a must have in the DVD collection when it’s released.


—Ms. KeepingItReal



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