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Winning Back My Life: One Step at a Time

I was doing some thinking…well reflecting…over my previous employer while in the middle of a conversation with a dear friend of mines. She was talking about her job and a promotion she had recently received. While congratulations were most definitely in order as always, that old crypt keeping job finds a way to rear its ugly head in the midst of our dialogue. However, this was for the last time.

During the talk though I began to discuss how I always gave more than I should have at my old job. I became some disrespectful, sub par image at best of my true self. I dedicated more hours to the success of a multi-million dollar corporation and did not even see anything close to a million dollars. The president of one section of the company knew my name. I was called upon to help train hundreds of new employees for the startup of a new department. I often times came in early in the morning and left late at night. I was the go-to-person for everything no matter what it was because everyone knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I, and I alone, could and would always get the job done.

Everything in my life began to take a back burner to my job…

Job—something that has to be done; a specific duty, role or function

Career—a field for or pursuit of consecutive progressive achievement especially in public, professional, or business life; a profession for which one trains and which is undertaken as a permanent calling.

everything took a back burner to my job…a j-o-b. I began to avoid phone calls from family because I was too annoyed, too tired, maybe even too depressed to move my lips let alone use my ears. Lateness became synonymous with my government name. I was late showing for any engagement that I had committed myself to. I would stay inside my apartment all day and never come out and if I had anything to do for myself like grocery shopping, I was late for that too. I dragged ass with everything that I did. If anyone asked me to do something, I would take forever to get to it and it eventually the people who I cared about began to feel neglected. I had nothing positive or happy to say and I pretty much didn’t want to talk about anything. My responses became terse to say the least.

And yet…I still gave a damn about my job. I still felt the need to go above and beyond to prove what? I was taken advantage of for my failure to cut the head off of ugly Medusa and put my New Orleans street degree in taxidermy to use for the Devil. Point blank, I cared too much about what the people at my job thought about me. I felt like I had something to prove and had to do the right thing although I hated that. I always said that I wanted to do the right thing because I believed that it was the right thing to do, not because it is the right thing to do.

The New Year came with no positive, self-fulfilling changes and that was the beginning of me taking over my life. I began to let my unhappiness spill over into the workplace…barely clocking in on time…leaving my house at the last minute…arriving to meetings without a notebook or a pen to name a few.

And I say all that to say this…while I was on the phone with my friend I began explaining how we, as human beings, get so caught up in doing the right thing for a job, a family member, or even a friend that we forget to do the right thing in terms of how God may view us. In the end, His viewpoint of our life will be on the only one that matters. We spend our time going above and beyond to win someone’s affection or to keep them in our lives when we should be doing all that and more for God. We fail to treat our relationship with Him like it is a priority. In the end, He is the only person that we need to love us. He will never fail to love us and show us with affection and let us know that He cares about us and give us recognition for being a faithful believer. He is all-knowing and all-seeing. He never offers us a promotion and then fails to put us in the position. He never calls on us to take on more than we can handle and He will never judge us for the mistakes we make. I’m not ostracized because I have put my foot down and decided to live my life a different way.

This is my rambling for the night.



More than 8 Miles of Peace

Less than a week ago, I went to Michigan to visit him. It was the most fun that I had experienced in an exceptionally long, long time. I needed that…my soul needed that and he nurtured my being. We took turns cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner during my visit and whoever cooked, the other washed the dishes. And as I dutifully took note of this each time, I was thankful and genuinely moved. This is how a partnership, relationship, or marriage should work—a team.

My second night there, he made drinks for us and we watched Kevin Hart’s Seriously Funny stand-up. He knows that the Lemon Drop martini is one of my favorite drinks so unbeknownst to me he had been perfecting his own recipe especially for me.  He had this cute glass that he poured my drink into from the shaker and I was thoroughly impressed. The Netflix comedy night was his idea which was a great one, but Katt Williams was not cutting it for me unfortunately. While he found mountains of reasons to laugh during It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’, I was just not feeling it…at…all. After trying other Katt Williams stand-ups, we gave up. Here comes Kevin Hart to the rescue.  HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I forgot how funny this stand-up was! We both laughed and for the first time in an exceedingly lengthy time frame, I laughed until it felt good and hurt at the same time. I desperately needed that.

Click here if you want to see some hilarious clips of Seriously Funny

The glass before the Lemon Drop
The Lemon Drop

Outside of that, on morning I awoke to breakfast in bed and it was yum! It looked so good that I took two pictures of it so that you could see what I had to eat from two different angles. Delectable!!! Oh and yeah, that’s kiwi for breakfast!  #JeanswithPockets

Breakfast in Bed 1
Breakfast in Bed 2

I experienced Mongolian food for the first time at BD’s Mongolian Grill in Dearborn, MI.  I must say, my food tasted good, but his food was off the chain. It’s an art form getting all the food you can get into a bowl and not have it topple over. I got an A on my first try! New Orleans baby! That’s how we do no matter where we are! Ha!

BD's Mongolian Grill

We also got to experience Inyo Restaurant and Lounge in Ferndale, MI.  The inside of the building was extremely pleasing to the eyes. There were not a lot of people present and the lights were low to create that ambiance feel that makes you often times drink more than you should, sit closer than normal to the person of the opposite sex that you are with and think about the latter part of well-known adage “a lady in the streets”.  The staff members are friendly. Jeff and Olivia are the best with the latter being the bartender. If you ever happen to visit the Detroit or Ferndale area, you may want to check them out. She makes bomb drinks! My favorite that night: pomegranate vodka with Red Bull.

My visit to Michigan was a paragon of perfection. I would not Butterfly Effect anything about my visit other than the fact that I had to leave and go back to reality. I truly enjoyed myself, even when we just sat around and did nothing, but watch tv.

BTW—Did I tell you that I finally watched the first season of The Walking Dead? He and I both sat around that day and just watched the entire season. Next time, will be season two and may The Avengers if he doesn’t go and see it without me…although I wouldn’t blame if he did. It’s Marvel…that’s a get out of jail free card lol.

Cheers to good times! #TeamofWe

–Ms. KeepingItReal

God's Gift

“Transformation is my f…

“Transformation is my favorite game and in my experience, anger and frustration are the result of you not being authentic somewhere in your life or with someone in your life. Being fake about anything creates a block inside of you. Life can’t work for you if you don’t show up as you.”
― Jason Mraz

Mr. A to Z lol! Got to love this quote. 🙂