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“Pouring Out Some Liquor”

This is a “duet” poem that I was blessed to write, recite and perform with none other than Xero in Baton Rouge, LA.  The guy is master with words and it was truly a pleasure. –Ms.KeepingItReal


Pouring Out Some Liquor

by Ms.KeepingItReal and Xero


Both: We dedicate this poem to all the lost poems

Xero: To the imagistic lines that bent

and swirled around in my preoccupied noggin

and got soaked up into

rusted pipe dreams and magnetic memories

Ms.KeepingItReal: To magnets on the fridge two lines long

That were pushed around with letters missing

Both: Yearning to release and roam

From isolation to liberty

Xero: To the half-free verse, half-prose rants

that found their way

under the stove

to escape my cold fury

Ms.KeepingItReal: To the poem scribbled on homework

The teacher obliviously gave back

Both: Never saw us

Xero: To the seldom seen 1998 spoken word

crowd pleaser that only Jason or Keith

would ever request

Both: just to show how far back we go

Ms.KeepingItReal: Back to the poem that was to kill you softly

Eradicating your previous thoughts

Both: Beautiful had it not flown out of the window


Xero: To the sappy, cliché jumble

of doggerel that I handed to my ex-wife like…

Ms.KeepingItReal: To the words whispered in the dark

As he invaded my…

Xero: a barb-wire infection,

when neither of us were concerned

with line breaks or…

Ms.KeepingItReal: territory, made me an expert at freestyle

Words flowing like my love til it’s over

Xero: communication

Ms.KeepingItReal: To poems written in notebooks lost

Left on the seat of the bus

Xero: Left on a stool of the stage

Ms.KeepingItReal: Rushing to get off

Xero: To get out

Ms.KeepingItReal: and inside my house

Xero: my head

Ms.KeepingItReal: Took later to realize

Xero: To block it out

Ms.KeepingItReal: Hundreds of secret thoughts now gone

Xero: now murdered

Ms.KeepingItReal: I betrayed them

To the poems of only four lines

Both: Loitering on the pages

Ms.KeepingItReal: Incomplete due to my neglect

No urge to finish what was started

Xero: To that first poem I wrote

Ms.KeepingItReal: I wrestled with

Xero: inside the birthday card

Ms.KeepingItReal: love note

Xero: my fourth grade class gave to Mrs. Claverie

The one that made her say,

Ms.KeepingItReal: made her etch in marble

Xero: “Chancelier, never stop writing.

You have a gift.”

Ms.KeepingItReal: To answer present

Xero: To the lost inspiration

that I couldn’t have written

Both: better myself

Xero: that made me

Both: better myself

Ms.KeepingItReal: To the poems written on

scraps of paper, napkins, sticky notes

Both: long gone

Ms.KeepingItReal: Mixed with trash inside my purse

Never to grace my lips—your ears

Xero: Here’s to the poor poems that

never survived my hard drive

deleted from my laptop

Both: for my failure

Xero: to give them adequate electricity

Xero: To the poems that aren’t poems yet,

but will eventually be lost

because it’s taking me so long

to find a way to write them free



Ms.KeepingItReal: To the poems savagely

ripped from my journal

No words to tattoo minds

without permission

Xero: To the poems I printed out at work,

folded into thick rectangles,

Ms.KeepingItReal: slipped

Xero: into my back pocket,

Ms.KeepingItReal: carried

Xero: around all day,

Ms.KeepingItReal: placed

Xero: on my dresser, and

Ms.KeepingItReal: pushed

Xero: back behind the dresser

with other rectangular experiments

Ms.KeepingItReal: gone

Xero: awry


Ms.KeepingItReal: To the poems I rehearsed in my head

Desperately-over and over

No paper to record this

Pen pressed to my palm

Words staining my flesh

Carefree—I with errands to do

From here to and fro…where are you?

Smeared blue blur

Xero: I am here

attempting resurrections with recitation

over and over

no memories to remake you

palm pressed to paper

careful – I with errors to fix

from here, on and on…what are you?

Seared blue heart

Both: We are vessels of misplaced trust

learning only now

that waste is precious

and treasure can be stapled

to flesh


4.10.12 Bittersweet

1. Life is short. Maximize each moment. If it won’t matter a year from now, two months from now a minute from now—let it go. Easier said than done, but practice makes perfect.

2. Never think that anyone owes you anything, including the world. The world was here first.

3. Accept people for who they are—either you can deal with it or you can’t. Simple. As my mama always says, a leopard cannot change its spots.

4. Remember that everything is a test and someone is always watching.

5. Know thyself.

6. Appreciate the trials and tribulations that come with life. As the old adage goes, what doesn’t break you only makes you stronger. When life gives you lemons they say make lemonade. I say when life gives me lemons, “Is that all you got? I eat watermelons for lunch.” This too shall pass.

7. Trust your instincts. They will never fail you.

8. Take ownership for your actions. No one can make you do something. Either you want to—or you don’t.

9. Don’t wait for New Year’s to come to make a list of resolutions. Change now. What are you waiting for?

10. Lastly, remember to stop and be thankful. Everything that you have experienced up to this very moment has made you the person that you are today. You may not be defined by those things, but they have played an integral part in the molding of your mind, how you feel, and how you carry yourself. There is always room from growth and when there isn’t…well you know…you’re eternally resting.

–Ms. KeepingItReal